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Why Choose Us



We are contagiously passionate about dogs!

We are fully licensed and insured.

We have both graduated from Dog Tec‘s Dog Walking Academy and are certified dog walkers.

We have both been certified in Pet CPR and First Aid.

We are permitted to hike off leash packs  in the East Bay Regional Park District.

Our first and only priority is your dog’s safety, happiness, and  well-being. At the end of each hike we give your pup a thorough “head to tail” check and leave a “report card” that allows us to give you updates about where we hiked, who your pup played with, and  any new behaviors/concerns, or successes.

We practice  basic manners and enforce proper “trail etiquette” because we share the trails with a variety of people and creatures. We will constantly work with your pooch to improve skills like recall, sit, leave it, and wait as tools to set your dogs up for success on the trail.

We strive to incorporate our earth conscious values in our everyday work with dogs! We try to lighten our ecological foot (and paw) print by using biodegradable poop bags, recycled and reclaimed leashes, beds, and toys. We use natural, grain-free treats from our local pet store, and are always looking for gas saving routes to the trail.

Our pack is our family. There is nothing we would not do for our dogs.     And that includes yours.

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